About me


My work is influenced by architecture, design and nature. I use multiple source images, some found and others taken; when I come across a construction site, a texture on a wall or a scenic view in nature. While mining images for compelling shapes and textures, I play with relationships to create a new composition of my own, thus creating new imagined spaces.


Parts of my paintings mimic the chaos and noise of a busy city; a frenetic mishmash of pattern, colour and line, in contrast to solid, quiet shapes that reflect the serenity of nature. The paintings question how peace can be found in the chaos of the city and boredom can be found in the stillness of nature or vice versa.


The goal is to create worlds that exist, almost falling apart yet effortlessly staying together as our man made world exists with nature. Our environment seems to be changing more rapidly than ever before. This work challenges and comments on the environments we choose to exist in. What is real, what is perception, what is unreal and what is ideal?


I try to get lost in these notions of what is ideal; what is the true environment? I want to experience discovery and be startled by new information. Like walking down city streets the eyes are meant to move through space and encounter experiences of nature and humanity. This is an opportunity to get lost in individual colours, shapes and textures and then find the composition as a whole again.


Like the environments we live in, there is always more to discover even when it is familiar. The paintings are meant to spark questions about how our urban or natural environments affect our psyche: questions of comfort in the present, longing for the past and looking into the future.